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2019 Grand Slam: A Winners Journey – Leanne Watson

In this episode, you will hear the backstory of the Advanced (Rx) Grand Slam 2019 female international winner, Leanne Watson who had her dream to fly from the USA to visit Australia come true.

In fact, during this chat, Leanne said: “I’m still kind of mind blown that all of it happened.”

Who would have thought that a CrossFit box owner opening a simple email would have such a massive impact on one of his members…

And, when the team from The Bay Games launched their inaugural online functional fitness competition, the Grand Slam, they had no idea how far-reaching it would be or, where in the world they’d be flying the winners from…

So, settle into today’s conversation and hear every detail about The Bay Games journey (so far…) of one of our amazing Everyday Athletes, a lady who won our hearts, Leanne Watson!


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About The Bay Games:

The Bay Games is the home of the world’s everyday athletes! The team at HQ in Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia are all about creating connection and community through competition

You do not need to qualify for their events – they are for all abilities, all ages and all are welcome.

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