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Learn from Legends

Learn from Legends

In this episode we actually have something a little bit special for you.

We had the pleasure of chatting live with Alethea Boon and Felicity Lemke on one of our online Get Togethers. If you’re not familiar with our online get togethers then the best way we can describe them is like a live podcast, on a Zoom call. What this means is that we can have listeners join the Zoom call and chat directly with our two celebrity guests!

So, we thought we’d share the replay here and, let me tell you, it does not disappoint! 

Get ready to have some incredible insights thrown at ya! These two amazing ladies have competed at the very pointy end of their chosen professions and are happy to impart their collective wisdom to our audience of everyday athletes!

Now sit back and enjoy!


Watch The Bay Games – Online Get Together HERE

Connect with Alethea Boon HERE

Connect with Felicity Lemke HERE 

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