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Boost Performance

Boost Performance

In this episode Mat chats with Alka Patel, a Medical Doctor, and author from the UK who amplifies health as a skill and an asset.

In this conversation, it became clear that Alka’s passion in life is to inspire progressive individuals and bold businesses to create compassionate lifestyle changes for happy, healthy, living, and connected workplace wellness.

She is an advocate for Lifestyle Medicine which is an evidence-based medical speciality that Alka likes to call TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change). As the name would suggest, at its core, it’s about promoting healthy lifestyle changes so as to reduce or avoid the need for pharmaceutical intervention.

This is a ‘must listen’ for everyone on the planet. It’s that time, throw in the earbuds and listen to Alka as she simplifies the complex and paves the way for meaningful change in our own life.

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