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Boost Performance

Boost Performance

In this episode Mat Lock chats with Jayson Krause as they take a deep dive into the science of success.

Jayson began his leadership and high-performance coaching path as a Canadian national team bobsled pilot, competing against the best in the world. To this day, elements of what Jayson learned through high-performance sport form the very foundation of what he teaches around mindset, influence, culture, and performance.

Jayson lives with his wife, Kelsey, and their four children in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. For over a decade, Jayson and his team have worked with leaders and organisations from Singapore to Silicon Valley to disrupt and accelerate a new breed of meaningful leadership.

You know what to do – plug yourself in and enjoy this candid, no BS interview. And if you like it, remember to share it.

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Check out Jayson Krause Website and subscribe – you can get a copy of Jayson’s book titled The Science Behind Success: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Mindset, Influence, Culture & Performance. Click HERE

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