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Boost Performance

Boost Performance
This episode is an extract from a Bay Games Get Together that focusses on a subject that is often considered a little taboo… what are we talking about?
Urinary incontinence. It affects many women who participate in sport and exercise. It does not discriminate with regard to age, and it affects younger athletes and older athletes alike.
Mat’s introduction to this issue occurred during a functional fitness competition when two of his female mates mentioned they were going to change their shorts because the next workout included double-unders. Who knew? Every woman participating in high impact sports, that’s who! 
Enter Courtenay Polock – an exercise physiologist from Sydney who is on a mission to make women pee-free! And it’s not just about convenience… This is a physiological condition that deserves remedial treatment and in this chat Mat and Courtenay explain why that is!
Feel free to share this episode with your training buddies, mates or colleagues who you think would be interested.
Meanwhile, let’s get into it – enjoy the show and, as always, be kind to yourselves, be brave, have fun and lead by example.
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