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This Get Together focussed on what could be described as being ‘for the ladies’ but if you’re a guy, it’s actually for you too.
And if you’re a Personal Trainer or Coach, you too need to know this stuff. Whilst what Mat Lock and Ed Morrison talked about with Courtenay Polock and Will Henke had a bias toward physiological considerations for that of female athletes much of it is important regardless of sporting endeavours.
Because the continuum of a person’s life can be divided into several stages, each characterised by certain features. Accompanied by considerable hormonal changes, the physiological life stages for female athletes matter greatly and those are what was talked about. This was a great conversation and paves the way for future educational pieces around these traditionally taboo subjects that impact the lives of over half of the global population.
Enjoy the show and, as always, be kind to yourselves, be brave, have fun and lead by example.
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