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Do you own or manage a business? 

Do you own or manage a business? 

If so, this is for you.

Our friends at IT Basecamp are currently offering their customers a FREE Digital Audit i.e. Google My Business, social channels, and website. 

And they have agreed to offer it to you too!


Because they understand that COVID-19 has hit a lot of businesses ‘hard’ and this is their way of giving back.

There are no tricks.


They complete the digital audit, you then get a 30-min online consultation and, that’s it. 


There’s usually a whole bunch of stuff you can do yourself and they’ll provide guidance to help you do it. Similarly, if you want them to do some stuff for you, they can.

IT Basecamp has been a strong supporter of The Bay Games since day one!! The founder/owner, Brad Lilly, is also heavily involved with the local Surf Life Saving Club (that provides the water safety for The Bay Games – Jervis Bay).

He’s a dead-set decent guy and has a cool team who can help out in these challenging times.

Soooo, you’re waiting for what?? Click HERE to book your free digital audit today! 

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