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In this episode we hear the journey of an incredible lady called Rachel Kerrigan from NSW in Australia.
Rachel is a veteran who lost her struggle with PTSD and suffered with mental health challenges and a stress related stroke.
With the support of her incredible young daughter, Rachel pushed back against these  challenges and found salvation in sport (and the community that surrounds it). From PTSD to powerlifting and beyond…
Rachel has the ability to share some incredible insights into the world of mental health and offers her advice for how to interact with someone who could be suffering with depression.
So sit back, get ready to be inspired and learn some lessons from an incredible lady.
Note: Rachel asked us to add this after listening to a replay of the episode. 
“Disclaimer: I may sound crazy when I say PTSD is a blessing. My perspective – I can’t run from it. It will always be a part of who I am now – so I had a choice. Let my emotions drive me or learn how to use those emotions to drive me towards my goals. I wouldn’t know how far I could push if I didn’t have all that pain for fuel. So to me that is a blessing as it’s made me who I am today.” 
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