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About Haidee Lynch

Haidee entered the the 2017 Bay Games with only one previous event under her belt – but, with a background in competitive team sports and a training ethic most would envy, she arrived ‘locked and loaded’! Securing a podium finish, 3rd overall and 2nd in her age group demonstrate just how capable and competitive she is!

A married mother with two girls, Cuba [aged 5] & Taytum [aged 2], Haidee is also a primary school teacher and ‘Healthy Kids’ educator. Juggling these life commitments is just ‘the norm’ in the Lynch household – Haidee just takes it in her stride and trains with a ferocity that sees her stepping onto the podium with increasing frequency.

Hometown Sanctuary Point
Affiliation Peak fitness huskisson
Age 29
Height 165cm
Favourite Event Running