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We’re excited to say that in addition to Timebirds getting aboard we can now confirm that the team from Hydragun have also thrown their hat in the ring to be involved in the 2020 Unstoppable Edition of The Bay Games!! 

Who are Hydragun? 

They are the team behind one of the fastest-growing fitness and recovery tech startups who launched their flagship product in Australia this month! The HYDRAGUN percussive massage therapy device!!

HYDRAGUN is a fitness and recovery tech startup that launched in Australia in October 2020. Their flagship product – the HYDRAGUN percussive massage therapy device – is quickly becoming the hottest post workout tool in the fitness and sports scene, earning positive early reviews from Australia’s top athletes and fitness personalities.

But apart from launching a 5 star product, there is more that HYDRAGUN aims to achieve in the fitness and sports recovery industry. HYDRAGUN is the only handheld sports recovery massage tool you need in your gym bag:

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Body makes the massage gun durable and lightweight
  • Able to withstand knocks and falls and guaranteed to last for a long time
  • 6-Hour Battery Life gives you several days worth of massages on a single charge
  • 50dB Noise Level means HYDRAGUN is the quietest massage gun in the market (You can use it while watching TV or chatting with friends)
  • 99° Ergonomic Handle Does not strain your wrist and allows you to massage hard-to-reach areas.
  • 6 Interchangeable Massage Heads are designed to target specific muscle groups, so you enjoy targeted muscle pain relief.

HYDRAGUN’s purpose is to help people become better humans through enhanced recovery. To help people become fitter, stronger, healthier, happier. And there are three ways that they do this:

Research-backed articles on their website called HYDRAreads, for anyone who wants to get their weekly dose of sports related knowledge. Through product solutions such as the flagship massage gun and future product lines that help with sports recovery related to exercise, diet, and sleep.

COMMUNITY – HYDRAGUN aims to unify the sports, fitness, and wellness communities. Through events, collaborations, and partnerships with relevant parties with the same passions such as The Bay Games.


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