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Boost Performance

Boost Performance

In this episode, we chat with Jacob Hohua, the Plant-based Gorilla from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia! They say that you should never judge a book by its cover and Jacob is the epitome of that saying. Whilst immensely strong he is also a gentle giant!

Husband and recent father, Jacob has been a personal trainer for almost a decade but that’s only part of the story… He’s also played and competed in multiple sports including rugby league/union, bodybuilding, strongman/powerlifting and CrossFit

In fact, Jacob won the Musclemania Australia Championship and placed 4th with ANB Australia. He believes the human body is capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to and, as you’ll hear in Part Two of this chat, he more recently competed in Australian Ninja Warrior – legend!

If you want to hear what goes into excelling in every aspect of your life as an Everyday Athlete then plug in your earbuds and listen to a very humble, relatable journey of this plant-based gorilla! 

You can also watch this awesome interview on YouTube, click HERE

As always, be brave, have fun, and lead by example.


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