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Boost Performance

Boost Performance
In this episode we again chat with Jacob Hohua, the Plant-based Gorilla, but this time we take a deep dive into what his diet looks like.
Jacob shares how he fuels and recovers using a diet that is free from animal products. At 113kg’s of ripped power Jacob certainly ‘walks the walk’ in terms of demonstrating what’s possible. This is a conversation that resonated with Mat who has been plant-based for 8 years already. Together they tackle the common question of, “Where do you get your protein from?”. (spoiler alert – it’s easy)
If you want to hear Jacob dispel some of the myths around diet as they pertain to performance then plug in your earbuds and listen to this relatable account of how one man is leading by example. As in nature, this human gorilla is as plant-based as the real thing…
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As always, be brave, have fun and lead by example.
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