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Life as an Everyday Athlete – Alethea Boon

In this episode you will hear how this multiple Commonwealth and CrossFit Games athlete, Alethea Boon is the living embodiment of an Everyday Athlete; albeit, at the ‘amazing’ end of the spectrum.

Contrary to common assumption, Alethea has always worked full time, Mon-Fri job. Her athletic career has always been a ‘side hustle’ which makes her accomplishments even more incredible.

Mat and Alethea talk about her training and nutrition routine that has enabled her to continue competing at the level she does. As always, Alethea provides some very actionable advice for our listeners.

If you’re looking for inspiration of what can be achieved even whilst working full time, look no further. Alethea is humble about her achievements and gracious with her advice; she’s the ultimate ambassador for everyday athletes around the world!


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