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Boost Performance

Boost Performance
In this episode Mat Lock chatted with Max Cathcart, a nutrition coach from Alberta, Canada. 
Max chose to focus on his health and fitness during his college years rather than chugging beers and partying. His love of hockey was a passion that fuelled his competitive nature but he went on to discover the world of lifting weights. In his early years Max worked for Popeye’s, a Canadian supplements company and soon became fixated on anything that could provide an edge for performance.
Over time Max came to realise that there was a better way. A more natural way. Max talks about his training and supplement regime ‘then’, versus ‘now’. They are very different and these days Max coaches his clients about the benefits of healthy lifestyle behaviours such as eating real food, managing stress and sleep hygiene.
Max is very generous and balanced with his advice, all of which is underpinned with his own experiences. If you’re looking for some ‘feet on the ground’ advice to help you navigate a busy life whilst optimising your health, plug in and give this a listen! 
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