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Programming for the Grand Slam 2020 – Will Henke, Head of Bay Games Programming

There are two critically important aspects of any functional fitness competition…

Programming and Judging.

In this episode of the Everyday Athletes podcast Mat deep dives with Will Henke, The Bay Games Head of Programming to understand how they ensure that the athletic capacity of each athlete is being adequately tested.

As they zoom in on the Grand Slam, The Bay Games’ online global pairs competition, it also becomes clear that testing each pair as a team as well as individually is an added complexity.

What becomes clear is the depth of expertise that Will and the team pour into the programming for The Bay Games events. To ensure that the workouts are not ‘brand-specific’ and remain accessible to all everyday athletes around the world who enjoy functional training and competing takes careful consideration.

In a future episode, Mat will chat with Alethea Boon, Head Judge, about the second critical aspect of these competitions and how the Judging team is being built in 2020.  They will also discuss how consistency is achieved across all events so as to ensure a fair playing field for all athletes across the globe.

But, for now, settle into today’s conversation about all things programming for the Grand Slam 2020.


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