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Boost Performance

Boost Performance
In this episode Mat talks with Amy Ballantyne, a holistic health coach from Canada, who helps women put the pieces of their health together with less guilt, and more self-love.
But. This discussion is as relevant to men as it is to women and Amy dives into how she coaches her clients on ‘how to’ carve out some self-loving time (aka. you time!). Of course, ‘what’ self-loving looks like is a highly personal thing; no right or wrong!
Importantly, Amy also shares the impact that self-love can have on those around you. How we behave around and towards the people in our lives (at home and play) has an impact. Through self-loving, we have the power to ensure that our impact is positive.
Amy’s energy knows no bounds and her positivity is infectious. Now’s the time to pop in the ear-buds and enjoy the journey with this incredible lady from North America.
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