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NEW for 2019, the STRONG competition will now take place under floodlights at The Huskisson Hotel on the Saturday night of the festival weekend!

And… we have introduced four weight divisions!!

+/- 75kg female and +/- 90kg male

Plus… Eddie Williams will be joining us again so get ready to test your strength among other gym goers that enjoy ripping in and throwing some heavy metal around!

Who will be crowned ‘The STRONGest in the Bay’ in 2019?

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If you think you’ll have what it takes, get ready to turn up and put on a show!!

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Date: 09/11/2018

The Below Are Not Age Groups… They Are The Batches Of Registrations Sold

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2019 Workouts

Yoke Carry

Yoke Carry – the implement must travel 20m (10m down, 10m back). The implement can be dropped and picked up again as many times as needed in the 60 second time limit.

The score is the finishing time or meters covered within the time limit.

The event will be run head to head.

Male weights

+90kg:  270

-90kg:  250

Female weights

+75kg:  190

-75kg: 170


Movement Standards

The yoke cannot be slid. First warning, Second warning 2-sec penalty, Third warning ‘zero’ the event

Tip of the yoke must clear the 10m line, the whole yoke must clear the start line on the return

Belts allowed

Knee sleeves OR wraps allowed (not both)

Log Press

Log Press – maximum clean reps and press in 60 seconds

Male weights

+90kg:  85kg (10in log)

-90kg:  70kg (10in log)

Female weights

+75kg:  60kg (8in log)

-75kg: 50kg (8in log)

Movement Standards

The log may be pressed in any manner (press, push press, jerk or split) must be completely locked out at the top, and feet brought back to a pressing position if split

The rep is deemed good on the refs ‘DOWN’ call. If the call is not given, the rep has not been completed

The log must be controlled in some way back to the mats/blocks. If the log is let go above waist height, the rep will be taken away

If the log is thrown at any point, the competitor will ‘zero’ the event

The log may not be rested on the head during the press

Belts, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps allowed

No elbow wraps


Stones – 5 stone run, from lightest to heaviest

Time cap is 90 seconds

Competitor completes a 30m out and back Farmers Carry (15m each way) before starting their attempt at lifting 5 x atlas stones onto the platform. Weight increases with each stone. Once completed, the competitor will complete the farmers carry once again to cross the line for time. Platform is 1.2 metres

Split times will be taken on each stone being successfully loaded. The athlete’s score will be the time taken to complete the whole run, or successful stone completed and the time they did that in

Male weights


Famers Carry 90kg each hand

Stones 70, 80, 90, 100, 110


Famers Carry 80kg each hand

Stones 50, 70, 80, 90, 100

Female weights


Famers Carry 60kg each hand

Stones 45, 50, 60, 70, 80


Famers Carry 50kg each hand

Stones 35, 45, 50, 60, 70


Movement Standards

The stone must be loaded completely onto the platform for the judge to give a CLEAR call

Belts, elbow and knee sleeves allowed

Shirts are not mandatory. Grip shirts are allowed

Forearm guards are allowed if they do not already have tacky on them

Tacky is NOT allowed in this comp


  • Events will be worth up to 100 points, and athletes earn points based on their finishing time
  • Athletes who tie receive the same number of points
  • The Athlete with the most points is the winner

Terms & Conditions

  • The Strongman & Strongwoman (STRONG) event is exclusively designed for Power Lifters & Strength Athletes
  • Female and Male divisions
  • Athlete divisions are +/- 75kg female and +/- 90kg male
  • Each Athlete will have their own judge to ensure reps are completed correctly
  • Medal positions & Prize Packs for all podium finishers
  • Cash prizes for divisional STRONG 1st, 2nd and 3rd places [Male & Female] are as follows; 1st = $500, 2nd = $150, 3rd = $150