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Test your strength among other gym goers that enjoy ripping in and throwing some heavy metal around! The selected STRONG workouts are difficult to master and brutally honest!

The Bay Games strongest Men & Women will be tested in an entertaining strength circuit in front of the crowd to see who will be crowned ‘The STRONGest in the Bay’. These workouts will require explosive power, raw strength and determination to get the Athletes across the finish line.

If you think you have what it takes, turn up and put on a show!!

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Date 11/11/2018
Age Requirements 18+
$130 [until 10th Oct 2018]
$160 [from 10th Oct 2018]
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1 events

The Big 4

  • Max 1 rm Barbell Back Squat
  • Max 1 rm Bench Press
  • Max 1 rm Deadlift (Traditional lift, no Sumo)
  • Max 1 rm Strict Press

5 minutes/3 attempts per station.
The accumulated total weight of the heaviest lift from each station will be recorded

2 events


  • 40” Atlas stone lift with 30/45 kg
  • 36” Atlas stone lift with 35/50 kg
  • 32” Atlas Stone lift with 45/65 kg
  • 28” Atlas Stone lift with 50/80 kg  
  • 24” Atlas Stone lift with 65/100 kg

The Atlas Stone loading platform will be 1.2 metres high (all lifts to this height)

Before the first Atlas Stone lift athletes will complete an 80/110 kg (total weight) farmers straight line walk; 10 metres out, drop weights, turn around and pick up weights, 10 metre walk back to the platform.  They will repeat this after the last Atlas Stone lift

Belts, sleeves and wraps permitted. Tacky is not to be used

3 events

Truckin' Hell

  • 1:1 battle, 20 metre VW Amarok pull [for time]

Further details for this event will be released shortly.

Registered STRONG athletes will be updated via email as this news is released


  • Events will be worth up to 100 points, and athletes earn points based on their finishing time
  • Athletes who tie receive the same number of points
  • The Athlete with the most points is the winner

Terms & Conditions

  • The Strongman & Strongwoman (STRONG) event is exclusively designed for Power Lifters & Strength Athletes
  • Female and Male divisions
  • Age group categories are; Open (<39 years), 40+, 50+ & 60+
  • 1:1 battles in events 2 & 3
  • Each Athlete will have their own judge to ensure reps are completed correctly
  • Medal positions & prize packs for all age group podium finishers
  • Cash prizes for STRONG overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd places [Male & Female] are as follows; 1st = $500, 2nd = $250, 3rd = $130