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BATTLE OF THE GYMS embodies the spirit of community and for 2018 we’ve supercharged the FUN FACTOR!

With registrations now open we can tell you that teams of 4 will go up against each other in heats that include barbell work, sandbag work, cycling, ski erg work, plyometric boxes, running, dumbbell work, kettlebell work, rig work, swimming and more!

For those with their nose in our Instagram page; we can confirm that SUPERSIZED four-person SUP’s may well make their debut appearance…

Well, we said FUN FACTOR didn’t we?

And, for 2018 we’ve also added more categories!!

  • All FEMALE teams
  • All MALE teams
  • Mixed teams [2 x girls, 2 x guys]

So, get training with your buddy’s, represent your gym and dominate the podium! In this team event it’s as much about strategy as it is about strength – choose your teams wisely…

Register Now to get yourself in the games!



Date 11/11/2018
Age Requirements 16+
$590 [Until 1st Nov]
$630 [After 1st Nov]
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1 events


Relay race, starting and finishing on the beach

  • 200m SUP
  • 600m 20kg medicine ball run [as a team]
  • 100m shallow water swim [as a team]
  • 200 sandbag back squats 20kg [50 ea.]
2 events

Steam Roller

Relay race, working in pairs
First pair

  • 20 tyre jumps [20 each]
  • 20 metre tyre flips, 130kg [pairs flip together]

Second pair – repeat

  • 120 deadlifts 50/70kg [30 ea. accumulated consecutively] 
3 events


Relay race, each team member completes the below consecutively

  • 20 metre sprint
  • 10 x burpee onto box
  • 15 x calories on SkiErg
  • 20 x 20/30kg dumbell front squats
  • 25 x cals on assault bike
4 events

[un]Lucky Dip

  • This is the mystery event!
  • Details will be released
  • On the day of the event
  • So train holistically…


  • These events will be timed, <5 teams will line up in each heat in relay formats
  • Events will be worth up to 100 points, and teams earn points based on their finishing time
  • The Team with the most points is the winner. Teams who tie receive the same number of points

Terms & Conditions

  • Battle of the Gyms consists of 4 person teams, each person must be aged 16 years or older
  • There are 3 categories of teams; all female, all male and mixed (2 x girls/2 x guys)
  • It will be a combination of land and water-based workouts – swimming will be involved
  • SUP’s and paddles will be provided
  • Every team will have their own judge to ensure reps and changeovers are completed correctly
  • The prize for the overall winner of ‘Battle of the Gyms’ will be announced soon – we’re in discussion with various companies with a view to making this prize pack amazing!!!