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New for 2022 – A Pairs Slamdown On Saturday Night Next To The Husky Pub

Date: 12th November 2022

This will be a bunch of fun for everyone – located right next to the iconic Husky Pub, you’re in for a treat whether you’re competing or cheering from the sidelines.

With just 10 Advanced Pairs in each division, this years Slamdown is super exclusive and will be a spectator spectacle!

Get ready to compete under the stadium lights with a mate while the rest cheer you on, beer in hand…


3 Divisions // 3 Workouts It’s your choice…

FF // MM // FM divisions are available The Slamdown will kick off at 6.30pm on the Saturday night – it will be fast, furious and you’ll be sipping a beer by 9.30pm!! We’ve got an incredible prize purse building in the background – it will blow your mind!

Slamdown (Pairs) Registration More than 50% Sold
Early Bird Sold Out >> $197 AUD per Pair
Coming soon

Event 1


Event 2

Download Standards

This event is called ‘Sandbag Brutality’

It almost seems a shame to give such a beautifully crafted and elegant event a name such as this but… The sandbag is what it is.

This is how the brutality unfolds…

3 Rounds for time, athletes must complete the following:

  • 25MM / 20MF / 15FF Cal. Echo Bike
  • 20 Box Jump Overs
  • 15m Sandbag Carry
  • 10 Sandbag Over Shoulder
  • 15m Sandbag Carry

M: 70-kg/30-in | F: 45-kg/24-in 

Note: While Partner 1 is working, Partner 2 must hold the Keg

Keg Male: 45-kg | Female: 25-kg

*Tiebreak: Completion of the second round of 30 Echo Bike

Time Cap: 10 minutes

Workout Flow

The athletes can share the required work as they choose

Importantly, from the start of the event the Keg must be held off the ground by the non working athlete at all times. When athletes are transitioning they must hand the Keg to each other without it touching the ground. In the unlikely event that the Keg touches the ground, all work must cease until the Keg is lifted from the ground again. Each time this occurs a 30 second penalty will be applied to the Pairs finishing time i.e. don’t put the Keg down until you’ve finished!   

Movement Standards

Echo Bike: The athlete starting the event must stand next to their Echo bike and is not permitted to touch it until the timer has started and their Keg is lifted fro the ground by their teammate. Whilst on the Echo bike both feet must remain on the pedals. The Judge will verify when the target Calories have been reached 

Box Jump Overs: Athletes must face their box and jump from the ground onto it with two feet i.e. both feet must leave the ground at the same time and land on top of the box at the same time. Athletes are not required to reach full extension on top the box but must jump back off the box onto the opposite side before repeating the movement until their required rep count is achieved. Both jumping and stepping down from the box are permitted

Sandbag Carry: These will be the ‘strongman’ style sandbags i.e. no handles. One athlete from the pair is required to lift the sandbag from the ground and carry it for the required distance. How the sandbag is carried The sandbag can be dropped and picked back up as many times as the athletes wish. Athletes can switch at any time either but the sandbag must be returned to the ground for each and any such transition i.e. they cannot ‘hand it off’ whilst still elevated. The sandbag must not be thrown, doing so will incur a 30 second penalty each time 

Sandbag Over Shoulder: The sandbag must go from the ground and clearly pass over the top of the athlete’s shoulder. The sandbag shall not roll off the side of the shoulder – doing so will be Judged as a no rep (our Judges will be as ruthless as crazed Honey Badgers on these standards so, be warned!)

Keg Hold: The keg must be off the ground, held by one athlete above the knees in the standing position for the entire duration of this event. The keg can be held using any technique so long as it’s above knee height of the standing athlete who is holding it

For mixed Pairs, when/if switching a keg between M/F then the second keg (different weight) must be off the ground before the first keg is placed on the ground


Event 3

Download Standards

This Event is called ‘The Sufferfest’

And for good reason… This is the third and final test for our fearless Advanced teams of two and it’s one they’ll remember. 

Actually, they should thank us. Why? Because we saved this until the end. Just imagine if this was Event 1!!

This is what it looks like…

For time, athletes must complete the following:

  • 15 metre sprint (both athletes)
  • 60 Deadlifts
  • 30 Synchronised Lateral Burpee Over Bar
  • 40 Hang Squat Cleans
  • 20 Synchronised Lateral Burpee Over Bar
  • 20 Shoulder to Overhead
  • 10 Synchronised Lateral Burpee Over Bar
  • 15 metre sprint (both athletes)

M: 80-kg | F: 55-kg

*The athletes can share the required work as they choose

Time Cap: 10 minutes

Movement Standards

Deadlifts: Starting with the bar on the ground, one athlete must bring the bar to their hips. The rep is counted when the athlete stands with the bar to full extension of the hip, knee and ankle with their shoulders behind the plane of the bar when viewed from the side. Sumo Deadlifts, or any other variation where the hands are inside the legs, are not permitted. Touch and go is permitted but bouncing the barbell is not – doing so will be Judged as a no rep (it will damage the ground). Collars must be used to secure the weights on the barbell

Synchronised Lateral Burpee Over Bar: Athletes must use the lateral variation of the burpee, no other variation is allowed. Athletes may jump or step into the burpee, but both athletes must use the same method and at the same time i.e. they jump or step into the burpee together. Athletes must touch their chest and thighs to the ground at the bottom of the burpee at the same time for the rep to count. Athletes must jump with both feet at the same time over the barbell. Athletes are not required to stand to full extension before jumping over the bar. The rep is counted when the athletes land with both feet together on the opposite side of the bar at the same time

Hang Squat Cleans: Each rep must start from the hang position i.e. any reps starting from the ground must first achieve a deadlift lockout (hips and knees fully extended, shoulders behind the bar) before re-dipping to initiate the hang squat clean. Cleaning the barbell from the ground in one continuous motion is not permitted. The barbell cannot pass below the top of the knee for it to be classed as a hang clean. At the bottom of the movement, the hip crease must go below the top of the knee

After each rep, athletes must stand to full extension of the hip, knee and ankle showing control of the barbell, including elbows in front of the bar and the bar touching both shoulders in the ‘rack’ position. Each repetition finishes with bar racked on the shoulders and the elbows clearly in front of the bar with the hips and knees fully extended (the Judges will be watching athletes’ elbows like a Labrador that hasn’t seen food for over an hour!). For all reps the arms must be fully extended on return to the hang before completing the next rep

Shoulder to Overhead: Each rep begins with the barbell on the shoulders and finishes with the weight fully locked out overhead and over the middle of the body. A shoulder press, push press, push jerk or split jerk may be used, as long as the elbow, shoulder, hips and knees are fully extended, and the bar finishes directly over the body with the feet in line

You Are Not Alone

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  • Pairs will race in heats – all events will be timed
  • Events will be ‘worth’ up to 100 points, and Pairs earn points based on their finishing position
  • The Pair with the most points is the winner
  • Pairs who tie receive the same number of points and a cunning tiebreaker will be introduced
Terms & Conditions
  • This is a Pairs competition for Advanced competitors (Rx) aged 18+ years on the day of the competition
  • It will involve arena-based workouts (no swimming)
  • Each Pair will have their own judge to ensure reps are completed correctly
  • All equipment will be provided
  • FF / MM / FM divisions
  • Prize Pack positions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each division