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Boost Performance

Boost Performance

In this episode we chat with two of the founders of Timebirds; creators of the wall-mounted gym timer that fits in your pocket.

This innovative team from Melbourne, Australia launched their portable, durable and sexy timer on Kickstarter. What happened next was simply extraordinary!!

They met their initial target within 3-minutes! And then went on to crush a series of stretch goals that saw the campaign secure over $1,000,000 AUD worth of pledges!! 

‘The Bird’ is designed for everyday athletes in a huge range of training disciplines. With functional training its main purpose many campaign backers are already growing the uses that they intend for theirs. From chefs to students, from swimmers to office workers… 

If you want to hear the backstory that led to the creation of this pocket sized ‘must have’ then plug in your ear buds and listen up! 

As always, be brave, have fun and lead by example.

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