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Boost Performance

Boost Performance
In this episode of the Everyday Athletes Podcast we listen to an extract from a Bay Games Get Together that focusses on the five stages of a female athletes life.
Accompanied by considerable hormonal changes, the physiological life stages for female athletes matter greatly and those are what was talked about. This was a great conversation and paves the way for future educational pieces around these traditionally taboo subjects that impact the lives of over half of the global population.
Courtenay Polock and Will Henke talk in detail about the health and training considerations for female athletes at each stage of their athletic lives. This is important stuff and is as relevant for every guy to know as anyone else. 
Feel free to share this episode to any of your mates or colleagues who you think would be interested.
Meanwhile, let’s get into it – enjoy the show and, as always, be kind to yourselves, be brave, have fun and lead by example.
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