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Our mission is to harness the human potential of Everyday Athletes around the world

It all started with mates

A husband and wife team, Mat and Neridah, from beautiful Jervis Bay, travelling to watch the Australian 2017 CrossFit Regionals with some mates.

What an experience! The set up. The competitive atmosphere. It was exhilarating. Yet, looking around at the competitors in the arena, it dawned on us that this athlete experience was just for the very few – the ‘Elite’

Yet, there are so many super fit, super keen ’Everyday Athletes’ around the world

We realised that most would never be able to experience that Elite feeling…

And we wanted to fix that!

First. Who is an Everyday Athlete?

Play footy on the weekends but they're
not 'Footballers'

Swim Every Morning
but wouldn't call themselves 'Swimmers'

Train 5 days a week
but wouldn't qualify for

The Bay Games were born

From humble beginnings the Games exploded from 120 Everyday Athletes in year one to over 1,000 in its third year. Quickly dubbed ‘The Games From Down Under’, Everyday Athletes travel from around Australia, the USA, the UK, Singapore and New Zealand to put their training to the test

We’re shining a light on the Everyday Athletes

It’s at the heart of every society, that you find an inner circle of like-minded souls who use sport, fitness, and community to make the world a better place.

It is these Everyday Athletes who strive to become stronger — both physically and mentally — forging a life of health and happiness for themselves and for those around them.

We exist to empower these Everyday Athletes as they represent what it means to be brave, have fun and lead by example. 

Meet the Team

Meeting Everyday Athletes Where They Are

The Bay Games logo

The Games From Down Under; a 3-day functional fitness festival in the beautiful Jervis Bay, NSW

This is brand new, super exciting and will be launched at the end of 2020 - watch this space!


I loved the Grand Slam! It's what got me through COVID-19 when I lost my job and the gym was closed.

Tina Morris

My whole family loves heading to Jervis Bay each year - it's an absolute blast!

Chris Sutton

The Bay Games has changed my life, it's the best thing I've ever done. It's opened up so many new ways of training

Lauren Harris

The Bay Games got me back on track. I'd lost my way with my fitness but now I'm loving training again

Phil Tomley

Mental Health Matters

1 in 4 people on the planet will be affected by mental or neurological disorders. In Australia 6 lives are lost to suicide each day and another 30 attempts are made. 

Here at The Bay Games we understand only too well that exercise and human connection are natural antidotes to depression.

We feel a sense of responsibility to keep building this global community of like-minded souls and to contribute directly to those front line services that support people in their darkest hour. 

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