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Online Functional Fitness Competition Designed For

FREE Registration - Compete From Your Living Room

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Win A Weekend in Jervis Bay With These Legends

A Masterclass Like No Other

C-19 EDITION Register Now (It's FREE)

You'll Only Need a Jump Rope

RXSG (Aus) To The Rescue For All Registered Athletes

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International Retreat Vouchers

Prize Draw During Live Announcements

C-19 EDITION Register Now (It's FREE)

Grab a Mate, Compete & Celebrate

Exclusive to Everyday Athletes - No Pro Athletes

C-19 EDITION Register Now (It's FREE)

(FREE) C-19 Edition Kicks Off

Register Now (It's FREE)

Welcome to the Greatest GLOBAL Pairs Event

Get aboard – kick-off on the 4th June 2020!! Grab a mate, register today and pop the dates in your calendar…


We'll chip in $1.00 USD for every FREE rego! It will go directly to a charity in your country to support those suffering from mental health issues

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Be the first to hear all the good stuff and get behind the scenes news!

REGISTER NOW (It's FREE for 2020)

Register now and you go into a prize draw to win your ticket to the exclusive Grand Slam Masterclass 2020 – a weekend with Alethea Boon & Khan Porter 

That’s right, just for entering you could win an invitation to this intimate, two-day Masterclass with the Queen of gymnastics and king of conditioning held in Jervis Bay, home of The Bay Games.

Some things money can’t buy… and this is one of them!


Immediately after you register you start to receive Weekly Workouts delivered to your inbox…

Calibrate your communication with your mate and master moves that may just show up in the comp too (😉 hint, hint!)

We’ll deliver these each week to you so you can sharpen your skills with your comp partner and give yourself the winning edge.

Only available to the action takers who sign up early!


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Your registration puts you both in the draw to win an incredible $1,000 USD voucher for an international fitness retreat.

Winners will be drawn during the Live Announcements!! 

Thanks to the team at WanderFit Retreats, the toughest challenge will be deciding on which exotic location…Portugal, Costa Rica or Bali?

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this! 

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How it works

You choose – we have 3 divisions; 

  • Female//Female
  • Male//Male
  • Female//Male

You and a mate will complete the 5 awesome workouts together over the course of 3 weeks in June 2020.

Each week we’ll release the workout(s) and movement standards LIVE!

You’ll then have 7 days to record yourselves doing the workouts at any gym of your choice… and then, you’ll submit your score online.

We’ll be broadcasting 3 exciting Live Announcements during the competition; this is when the workouts and movement standards are released!

When we release the workouts we also have guest athletes and pairs complete them live – this is a bunch of fun and helps to demonstrate some of the tips, tricks, and techniques you and your mate may want to adopt!

You will watch the live broadcast right here on our website!  

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We’re all about giving Everyday Athletes the opportunity to shine!

The C-19 Edition workouts in this year’s Grand Slam are designed so that you can do them from your living room! 

All you’ll need is a

  • Jump Rope
  • Backpack

C-19 Ready: The plan is that you can grab a mate and complete the workouts together if you live in the same house or via Zoom or Hangouts if you don’t! 

Once each workout is released, you and your buddy will simply record yourselves completing them using your phone – it’s super easy with the WeTime App.

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Sample Workouts

C-19 Edition: Sample Workout 1

In 11 minutes, with athletes alternating each round, complete as many repetitions as possible of:

  • 49 Double-Unders*
  • 21 Goblet Squats**
  • 7 Lateral Burpee Over Backpack

*Change Double-Unders to Alternating High Knee Single-Unders. If you don’t have a jump rope (yet) then you can do the same rep count of strict high knees

**Backpack (show weight using a set of bathroom scales where possible) loaded to, Advanced: 24-kg / 16-kg | Intermediate: 16-kg / 12-kg



Male: 24-kg | Female: 16-kg


Male: 16-kg | Female: 12-kg

C-19 Edition: Sample Workout 2

For time, complete:


Movement 1: Alternating Partner Hand Release Push-ups

Movement 2: Synchronized Alternating Crossbody V-ups

So both athletes complete 40 of Movement 1, then 40 of Movement 2, then 30 of Movement 1, then 30 of Movement 2 etc…







Grab a mate; it’s all about creating community, connection, and camaraderie through competition!

Stretch your human performance and forge bonds that last a lifetime…

There is nothing like the thrill of competing with a mate.

More fun. More accountability. More growth.

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