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12-14 Nov 2021

The Games From Down UnderTM

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3-17 June 2021

Global Online Pairs Competition

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Workplace Wellness Program

Connecting Co-workers and Creating Community

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Community | Camraderie | Connection


We are the home of the world’s everyday athletes! We’re about harnessing human potential and creating community through friendly competition. Our events and programs are for all abilities, all ages and all are welcome. Whether you're participating in-person or remotely, at work or in play, all roads lead to Jervis Bay, home of The Bay Games; join us on the beaches and under the bright lights of the main arena...
Jervis Bay

Functional Fitness Festival

A weekend of competing with mates in the bay, on the beaches and under the bright lights in the main arena... Designed exclusively for Everyday Athletes, you do not need to qualify

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Pairs Competition

The global on line pairs competition for Everyday Athletes! Win flights to Sydney, Australia (or a Rogue barbell and plate set) and entry into The Bay Games. Grab a mate and join us!

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At Work

Workplace Wellness Program

A 'done for you' workplace wellness program for in-person and remote teams. Get employees engaging, improve mental health and promote physical fitness. It's a bunch of fun too

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It’s likely that everybody on the planet will be touched by mental illness at some point in their lives; whether it’s themselves, a family member, a partner, a colleague, or a mate.

It’s reported that over 1 million people die by suicide each year around the world. In our home country eight Australians die by suicide per day. That’s more than double the road toll.

To try and improve these dire statistics The Bay Games directly supports Lifeline Australia, a nonprofit organisation that provides 24/7 suicide-prevention services, mental health support, and emotional assistance.

In a person’s darkest moment there is a team of volunteer crisis supporters waiting to answer their call. Through our programs The Bay Games directly helps to fund these calls.

So thank you for joining the movement and helping make a difference.


The Podcast

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Enjoy these unscripted and intimate conversations that provide a ‘behind the scenes’ look into programming, training, mindset, nutrition and work-life balance for the Everyday Athletes around the world

The Documentary

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This is a story of Everyday Athletes who believe in representing the greater community. They are the warriors who live life being brave, having fun and leading by example


The Grand Slam helped me get through the pandemic and kept me sane. Great workouts for the everyday athletes out here in the real world

Vanessa Triddle

I'd never done a competition before and I LOVED it! The Bay Games team were awesome and I felt really welcome

Arno Resea

I love that The Bay Games are exclusive to everyday athletes - it makes me feel like a pro (even though I'm not!)

Susie Witcombe