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The Team

We’d like to introduce our team… We’re proud to be working with top athletes and subject matter experts from around the world to create this high-performance team. We’re united through mates and movement to improve mental health. 

Bay Games HQ


Co-founder of The Bay Games, Mat draws inspiration from HQ in Jervis Bay, Australia. With a long history in the corporate world and a passion for ultra endurance sports, Mat epitomises what it means to be an Everyday Athlete, leading by example at every step


Co-founder of The Bay Games, Ned is also a Registered Nurse and enjoys a history of competition as a swimmer and ultra endurance athlete. Credited with dreaming up The Bay Games, Ned is never far from the heartbeat of this thriving team


As our 'Head Judge' Alethea has some serious street credibility. A former gymnast, she is also a multiple Commonwealth and CrossFit Games Athlete and has achieved all of this whilst holding down a full time job. We love having Alethea on the team!


Ray's role as Chief Commando during the Games is really only the tip of the iceberg. As a local member of the tribe, coupled with Ray's experience as a PT and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer mean that he has a hand in most things 'Games' related


Affectionately known as 'the man on the mic' Ed is the voice of The Bay Games. And as a Level 2 CrossFit and Nutrition Coach, he's no stranger to the world of functional fitness and competition. His smooth tones can settle even the most alert of nerves

Liza Manayon

When it comes to supporting our participants Liza's energy knows no bounds. This power house is often the one 'closing the gaps' behind the scenes and does so with an infectious smile and sense of humour

The Program Designers


Will 'Coach' Henke is the founder of The Progam By WanderFit and, as 'Head of Programming' he oversees the development of all workouts and team challenges. A US Special Ops Veteran, Will now shares his love of functional training as a means to maintain and improve the quality of lives for those around him

Cassie Keeping

Cassie is one of the team at The Program By WanderFit. Her fitness journey began in the world of gymnastics before her transition to being an international and collegiate level track and field athlete. Sadly Cassie suffered a career ending injury but this lead to her discovery of functional fitness and the sport of bodybuilding

Craig Preston

Craig is one of the team at The Program By WanderFit. Growing up Craig used sports to boost his confidence and grew into an accomplished functional fitness competitor. His dedication to performance training earned him two consecutive years of competing at the Reebok CrossFit Games Pacific Regional competition

Karin Bauer

Karin is one of the team at The Program By WanderFit. Karin's competitive nature surfaced early on in life as she chose soccer cleats above ballet shoes! It was this passion for sport that led her to securing her degree in Sports Business Management

Kyle Kostynski

Kyle is one of the team at The Program By WanderFit. Whilst Kyles competitive sport journey began with a successful career in ice-hockey he quickly fell head over 'toes-to-bar' in love with the competitive sport of functional fitness

The Media Team


Known as our 'Social Media Sorceress', Monica is dedicated to helping us share our message around the world. Based in the picture-perfect Portugal, Monica is also known to take to the stage as a comic and has discovered CrossFit since joining our team


With an extensive background in tech and content production, Jim is usually found in 'mission control' planning and directing our live streams. A founding director at Undefine Media Jim keeps himself at the cutting edge of technology and constantly strives to help us elevate our athletes experience


As can be seen here, Miguels (aka Migs) is most commonly found on the other side of the camera. As one of the founders of Undefine Media Migs understands what's required to make a livestream successful. With a background in functional fitness too, he knows where to point the camera, and when


Maj is our creative genius when it comes to capturing the magic on camera. His vision and energy seems endless and his love for his work shines through each and every time


The master of 'taking and making' most of the incredible athlete shots you will on our website and social channels. A father, a husband and a fellow Everyday Athlete, Tadas captures the magic so that it endures the test of time


Mike is the 'eye in the sky' capturing the magic 'in the moment' at the Games. Based in Jervis Bay, Mike flies his drones with precision to capture the action once the gun goes off

Our Amazing Ambassadors


Felicity Lemke (formerly Galvez) is a 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, a multiple World Record holder and founder at Galvanized Fitness. We couldn't be more proud to call Felicity a friend and ambassador of The Bay Games


Steve (Commando) Willis needs no introduction. His depth of expertise in the realm of human performance and mindset offers the team, and our athletes the opportunity to unleash their potential



Brad is the founder of IT Basecamp who has supported The Bay Games since its inception. Brad believes deeply in the power of sports and fitness to help combat mental health challenges and build community. The work of Brad and his team is often behind the scenes but we recognise and appreciate it all


Alex is the creative web master who has evolved this website since day one. As a keen everyday athlete Alex is often MIA at lunch times to swim in Jervis Bay before heading out on his bike after work


Ben is the 'tech guy' and helped to lead the team to success during the development of the Warriors Program web-app. He competed with his co-workers at The Bay Games in 2018 and understands the business from the inside out


Aravind is the brains behind the web-app for the Warriors Program. Whilst never in the spotlight he's a safe pair of hands making the back end work and is often found with a cricket bat in those same hands showing the team how its done