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Staying focussed during C-19 – Alethea Boon

In this episode, you will hear how the multiple Commonwealth and CrossFit Games athlete, Alethea Boon is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, Alethea’s pure soul shines through as she offers some pearls of wisdom that we can all adopt, not only during these trying times but for life in general.

Mat and Alethea talk about her installing daily routines and how she is working even more hours in her ‘8-6’ job from her new ‘home office’ alongside her husband, Lima. That and maintaining her fitness in the absence of a gym.

Interestingly, Alethea shared her observations about the positive effects this ‘new normal’ is having on her and those around her. It seems that this social experiment may offer an enduring correction for some of the ‘white noise’ that we have allowed into our usual routines…

If you’re looking for some considered and balanced perspective to help you navigate C-19, look no further. This Queen of gymnastics delivers a healthy serve of ‘how-to’ for us all.


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