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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. We are all about inclusivity and love that we have a huge range of athletes who come and compete at our events!

All you have to do is hit the ‘REGISTER‘ button and, assuming we haven’t sold out, you’re in…

(Side comment: we do sell out each year so, don’t wait for too long!)

Nope. You can register your team and then come back at a later stage and fill in the missing details.

Great question!! Once we get closer to The Metro Bay Games we’ll be emailing our athletes like crazed cats + once our leaderboard goes live you’ll be able to find out exactly which athlete needs to be where and when!

But, for now, here’s how it looks:

Saturday 1st April 2023 10:30-11:30(am) = Athlete Check-in

Saturday 1st April 2022 11:30(am) = Event Brief

Saturday 1st April 2022 12:00(midday) =Event kicks off with a splash

Saturday 1st April 2022 7:00(pm) = Grand finale under the bright lights of the main arena! 

In reality, you only need to bring what you plan to wear during each event and in-between events.


A jump rope! We’ll have jump ropes available for sale but, there’s nothing like using your own in the heat of battle! 

Clothing wise – whilst we have booked sunshine, it doesn’t come with a guarantee so, hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

All of the equipment used in the actual workouts (except a jump rope) will be provided e.g. Surf Rescue boards, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and plates, etc.

Bring a water bottle with you – as part of our efforts to minimise the impact our events have on the planet we have replaced single-use plastic bottles with ‘water bubblers’ so that you can refill your water bottles!

This feature is only available to the Team Captain of your team i.e. the person that registered your team.

Please note: if you need to update a teammate’s name and/or email address, click ‘Replace’ and re-enter the Athlete into the system i.e. you cannot just change an Athletes name or email, you have to delete and re-add them. That said, to make any of these changes follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Competition Corner (https://www.competitioncorner.net)
  2. Go to ‘My Competitions”
  3. Click on ‘View Roster’
  4. From here you can view and manage your team. You can:
    1. Update your team name
    2. Update T-shirt size and your Affiliate
    3. Add or Replace a Teammate

    Click HERE to visit the Help Centre of Competition Corner

Important Note: This feature is either turned on/off by The Bay Games.  If the option is turned off, you will need to reach out to support@thebaygames.com.   This option is typically turned off once registration has closed.

No. We understand that getting your a team together is a bit like herding cats (even just a team of 2!)…

Therefore, just one from each team is required to attend the Athlete Check-in.

This is a long answer but… we hope it demonstrates how deeply we have considered this subject.

The Bay Games is designed and intended for the everyday athletes around the world who regularly participate in functional training.

This is driven by our mission which centres around creating community and connection through competitive events that test the athletic capacity of everyday athletes!

On our website and social media channels we make statements like, “The pros cannot play’ but, given the prize purse involved, we felt the need to quantify this is a tangible way to make clear the eligibility criteria of each registrant.

Firstly, our definition of an everyday athlete is thus:

Someone who loves training and competing but for whom it is not their sole focus or full-time occupation

As an example, some everyday athletes play footy on the weekends but are not ‘footballers’ 

Some everyday athletes swim every morning but wouldn’t call themselves ‘swimmers’

Many everyday athletes actively participate at CrossFit, F45, functional fitness gyms 4-5 days a week but wouldn’t qualify for the CrossFit Games, Obstacle Course World Championships, F45 World Championships, etc.

So, by design, we’re all about non-elite athletes; non-professional athletes.

Now, whilst that is the ‘spirit’ of what we’re talking about, we have to draw a line in the sand to ensure clarity. So we have derived some guidelines around eligibility in an attempt to remain congruent with our mission.

That said, this was a harder task than we first thought… 

And on that basis, if you are deemed ineligible per the below list and feel you have a basis to request special consideration then please email our team at support@thebaygames.com to start the conversation.

In the meantime, we hope that all of our everyday athletes out there recognise the integrity of our intentions to provide the greatest functional fitness event for individuals and teams, designed just for them, that the world has ever seen.

Defined Eligibility Criteria 

  • If you have competed at the CrossFit Games, you are not eligible
  • Won at the Spartan World Championship in the last 3 years (in any capacity), you are not eligible
  • Won at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in the last 3 years (in any capacity), you are not eligible 
  • Won at the Tough Mudder X (TMX) World Championships in the last 3 years (in any capacity), you are not eligible 
  • Won the F45 Playoffs Championship in the last 3 years (as an individual), you are not eligible
  • Been part of the winning team in a Tribal Clash World Championship in the last 3 years, you are not eligible


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