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Thanks for coming aboard – we’re excited that you’re part of the 2021 Bay Games and we’ll do what we can to ensure its a huge success for you!

The aim of this page is to provide answers to your questions. You’re always welcome to give the team a call but, once we’re into Games week, it’s going to be a little manic so we ask that you scan the FAQ’s below before giving us a call. 

General Information

This year it’s a 3-day extravaganza! 

  • Friday 12th November
  • Saturday 13th November
  • Sunday 14th November

For event details you can visit the Games page of this site

To watch the live broadcast you can go HERE.

The Bay Games is a pop-up event in White Sands Park, Huskisson, NSW. Vendor access to the park is on the corner of Bowen Street and Hawke Street (opposite Huskisson Bayside Resort at 28-34 Bowen Street, Huskisson. NSW 2540).


We sure will – closer to the event we’ll publish a site layout here

Bumping In:

For those joining for all 3 days of competition (Fri/Sat/Sun) the bump in date/times are as below:

  • Thursday 11th November from 3pm – 7pm 

For those joining for 2 days of competition (Sat/Sun) the bump in date/times are as below:

  • Friday 12th November from 5pm – 8pm

Bumping Out:

Bump out for all vendors is after prize giving on Sunday 14th November. This is planned as 4pm but, like any live event, there can be a little ‘time creep’. 

Rest assured, we’ll be doing all we can to finish on time!

We ask all vendors not to start packing up until after prize giving has concluded as doing so can impact the ‘vibe’ of the day…  

Start Times:

Each of the 3 days starts with bay & beach events i.e. all athletes and spectators will be down on Shark Net Beach between 6am and 10am.

Therefore, unless we have a special arrangement with you we ask that you’re ‘open for business’ from 9.30am each day – this is when the beach based events conclude and everyone will make their way up to the main arena. 

It goes without saying, if you want to come and watch the action before you open – we’ll see you down on the beach!! 

Finishing Times:

We ask all vendors to remain ‘open’ until after prize giving has finished each day. This is scheduled for 4pm each day but, as with any live event, there can be some ‘time creep’. 

You can be sure, we’ll be working hard to finish as close as possible to the planned time.

Side Note:

We have a Saturday night event next to the Husky Pub! It’ll be an incredible spectacle so make sure you plan to come down and join the party! It kick’s off at 6.30pm and should wrap up around 9.30pm.

All 3 days of the Games will be broadcast LIVE to:

If you want to share the link then it’s

Also, if you want to cross promote the event to your businesses Facebook page, we can do that… This would mean that when we go live on Facebook, it would stream to your Facebook page too! Great for customer engagement and the Facebook algorithm will LOVE you for it.

If you’re keen, just send an email to and we’ll let you know what to do.

It sure will. 

Unless you’ve made special arrangements in advance each vendor space will have a single dedicated 240V socket available. This is intended for laptops, phone chargers, EFTPOS facilities etc. 

Please note that the power supply cannot be guaranteed as ‘clean‘. Therefore, it is recommended that vendors use their own UPS’ as required. 

Vendors are of course welcome to bring their own power-boards so that they can plug in multiple devices but please note, all cables and device must be tagged/tested per AS/NZS 3760

If you require tagging/testing to be completed during bump in we can arrange this with a local electrician who you can pay directly – but we need to know in advance!


It is each vendors responsibility to remove their own garbage during the event. 

The Bay Games will have general waste and recycling bins in place for the public to use – these are not to be used by vendors. 

As this is public space both Crown land and part of Jervis Bay Marine Park we ask that every effort is made to ensure garbage is closely controlled. 

Huskisson Recycling & Waste Depot can be found at 235 Huskisson Rd, Huskisson NSW 2540. They’re open from 8am – 5pm every day of the week.  

As part of The Bay Games’ environmental policy, single use plastic water bottles are not to be made available/sold during the event.

2 x water dispensers will be provided at the event site for use by athletes and spectators. These are provided by Shoalhaven City Council

Similarly, we ask all vendors to make every effort to ensure products for sale minimise their impact on the environment.

It sure will. This is installed for use by the media team handling the live stream and is not for use by the public.

Vendors are however welcome to make use of this facility too but only for low bandwidth uses such as EFTPOS, emails, social media posts etc.

Our IT partners (IT Basecamp) will be monitoring WiFi usage and any devices that are considered to be beyond ‘fair use’ will be blocked. 

  • The network is called: The Bay Games
  • The password is: ilovejervisbay


The Bay Games will have a uniformed security presence on site for asset protection during the following times.

  • Thursday night 1800 – 0500
  • Friday night 1800 – 0500
  • Saturday night 1700 – 0500

However, please note that The Bay Games is not responsible for vendor equipment or stock under any circumstances.

Note: For those choosing to hire a professionally installed gazebo (by prior arrangement with The Bay Games team) we suggest that the side and doors are rolled down and secured at the end of each day.

Vehicular access to the park is restricted to the bump in/out times shown above and for the loading and unloading of materials only.

No vehicle shall remain on the reserve except for this purpose. 

Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. 

No vehicles are allowed access to the beach.

On the lead into the event there are a couple of ways to get answers to questions that aren’t covered on this page:

  1. Send us an email to
  2. Book a chat HERE

On the day of bump in/out our legendary ‘Leader of Logistics’, Mr Pat McGill will be your point of contact. We’ll have his number listed here closer to the date.

Jervis Bay has plenty of motels and holiday rental properties that will be perfect for your stay. We’ve listed a few motels below and suggest either or Airbnb for finding holiday rental accomodation. 

For search purposes, Huskisson’s surrounding areas include Vincentia, Woolamia and Sanctuary Point.  

Huskisson based motels include:

The Legal Stuff

Each vendor must have in place a public risk insurance policy for the duration of the event, for the amount of $20,000,000 AUD for any one claim whereby Bay Games Pty Ltd, Crown Land Manager and the Minister administering the  Crown Land Management Act 2016 shall during the continuance of this Licence be indemnified against claims and demands arising from death or bodily injury or damage to property arising out of the vendors use of the licensed area.

The Bay Games team will be requesting a copy of your insurance prior to the event. Failure to provide such will mean you’re unable to operate at the event.

It is each food vendors responsibility to ensure compliance with local regulations and to hold a current Mobile Food Stalls & Temporary Food Premises licence.

If you need support with this please contact Shoalhaven City Council’s Environmental Services Section on +61 2 4429 3111.

The Bay Games team will be requesting a copy of your licence prior to the event. Failure to provide such will mean you’re unable to operate at the event.

Each vendor shall maintain all other insurances as may be required by the Workers Compensation Act 1987 or any other Act or Acts of Parliament in regard to the conduct of  activities of the vendor on the licensed area.



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