Awesome – thanks for your interest in joining the team here at The Bay Games!

You are about to be presented with 2 options for getting involved with The Bay Games 2022;

  1. Crew
  2. Judge

Volunteers are an essential aspect of an event like The Bay Games and typically support areas that include athlete registration, course/crowd support, equipment handling, and logistics. If you are keen to join the team, have some fun and be a part of an amazing weekend, you can jump straight in HERE

The role of the Judges is solely focussed on assessing athletes as they complete the workouts; ensuring that the movement standards and rep counts are completed correctly. Please read the below requirements for the Judging team before applying.

Completion of this registration process does not guarantee selection as a Crew member – this occurs only after you receive official written notification from Games HQ.

Crew Swag:

Crew members will receive the following at the event (minimum… watch this space!):

  • 1 x TBG22 crew t-shirt // singlet by Unbroken
  • Cool sponsor gear and swag
  • Breakfast and lunch for each full day of support
  • Invitation to the Crew after-party (which will likely be held at Jervis Bay Brewing Co.!!)

Judge Application Process:

To ensure a base level of certified competency for our Judges it is mandatory for all Judges to have successfully completed the CrossFit Judges Course – this costs just $10 USD.

It is also mandatory that all Judges attend the official Judges training session which will be within one month of the event (dates to be confirmed once C-19 gets out of the way!). There is a nominal $25 charge (on the day) for attending this course but, you’ll get it back…

This will be a full day of training from 0930 – 1700 and it will be awesome!


Because, this structured and professional training program will be conducted together with the Games’ Head Judge, Alethea Boon!

This will be a Pass//Fail course.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

When selecting event Judges, we will also consider the following:

  • Experience and attendance at other live sports events, seminars, and certifications
  • Agreement to communicate (group) via Messenger (mandatory)
  • Availability to work 1 or more full days

Now, if you’ve read this far, you are probably already a good fit for our Judging Team.

You see, attention to detail is an important trait which is why we’ve buried this ‘Easter Egg’ here because not everyone will read this far…

To demonstrate how serious we are about building a rock-solid team of Judges, for 2022 onwards, this will be a paid role. It will be based on an hourly rate which will be advised to those who successfully complete the Judges training. Returning Judges, by invitation, will receive increased hourly rates each year.

Just to be clear… We’re not trying to make money out of our Judges – the opposite is true in fact – we just want to ensure that all attendees are motivated, reliable and understand the responsibility of being a part of this awesome team.


In the end, whichever role you apply for, we appreciate your support and our team will be in touch soon!

If you have any questions, please email

Want to be part of the team?

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Please read the above requirements carefully for judge's.

    This is an exclusive Judges garment but we do need to know your size. Ladies get singlets, gents get t-shirts. Here's a link to the Unbroken sizing chart: